Wrights Original, makers of traditional drinks

Wrights Original Dark Ginger is a traditional drink from the very heart of the Tyne and has been produced by the Wright family through several generations , and can be traced back to the 1800's.

The youngest son of the Wright family, John Wright the founder of Wrights Originals tells the story;

It was on an outing some years ago, that we purchased a bottle of ginger wine from a local fair. In our opinion the drink lacked body, flavour and was disappointing - we felt we could do better. We did, and Wrights Original Dark Ginger label was created and became available to you.

A smooth, strong ginger drink that leaves you wanting more and wishing you had another bottle in the cupboard. A taste of pleasant memories and times past. Mr Wright simply says;

'If you like ginger - you'll love Wrights Original Dark Ginger'